Terms of Service

1. Any adult can become a user. To start using the project, it is necessary to register using an email or an account from any social network.

2. It is prohibited to duplicate accounts; such accounts will be removed.

3. When registering on the site, each user chooses a login independently, but it is forbidden to use profanity or other words that may provoke a negative reaction from users. The administration has the right to make changes to such logins.

4. The user is fully responsible for the materials posted on the site, up to full compensation for the damage caused to the FREELANCEHERO service in case of claims by rights holders to the FREELANCEHERO site.

5. The administration is not responsible for the damage caused by the performer to personal data, files, site content, and other materials. Users are responsible for checking all transmitted files for viruses and malware. The site administration is not responsible for any damage caused by the transmission of such files.

6. The administration is not responsible for the quality of services rendered and does not provide compensation if the customer is dissatisfied with the quality of the service provided.

7. The use of profanity and insults is prohibited. The administration is not responsible for the moral harm caused but has the right to block or delete the account of such a user.

8. Unauthorized advertising or materials that negatively affect the company's image, violate the law, or infringe on anyone's copyrights are prohibited. The administration has the right to delete all material that violates the rules or laws and to block or delete the account of such a user.

9. Any services offering to boost visits, likes, subscribers, views, and similar activities are prohibited.

10. If an account is hacked by malicious actors, if spam is sent from it, or if suspicious activity is detected, the administration blocks the account while investigating the circumstances.

11. All disputed issues are resolved through correspondence with the project's support service.

12. If the performer regularly receives orders for published services and as a result, has a stable income, they must independently obtain the appropriate legal status and pay taxes according to their legislation.

13. Users undertake not to post links leading to external sites on the FREELANCEHERO project. Exchange of personal contacts with other users is also prohibited; communication and correspondence are carried out directly on the FREELANCEHERO site.

14. Users participating in the affiliate program and various promotions undertake to place any type of advertising information, banners, or links in a correct form, and the pages must be functional and active, without hidden redirects and iframes.

15. By registering on the FREELANCEHERO platform, the user agrees to the storage, use, and processing of their data and to receive mailings from FREELANCEHERO.