Refund Proceedure

1. Termination of the order by mutual agreement is available within 20 minutes from the moment the order is made. The customer will receive a full refund to their balance, including the FreelanceHero commission, except for the commission charged by payment systems. Neither party will receive a negative review in this case.


2. If the customer and the freelancer cannot reach a mutual agreement and resolve the dispute independently, they may resort to arbitration.


3. If within 24 hours from the time of ordering the service the freelancer has not received materials from the customer and the customer is not responsive, the freelancer may appeal to arbitration. The administration will provide the customer with an additional 24 hours to provide the necessary materials to the freelancer. If the materials are not provided, the order will be closed in favor of the freelancer without refunding the customer.


4. Each transaction cancellation, except as described in points 1 and 3 (point 1 - subject to individual review by the administration), results in a negative rating. The service will be downgraded in search results and its category. The more cancellations, the lower the rating, fewer orders, and visits. A negative rating will affect the assigned level and user rewards.


5. A service for which transactions are canceled three times in a row will be automatically disabled. The freelancer can re-enable it; however, if the order is canceled again, the service will be disabled for 30 days. If after these 30 days the order is canceled again, the service will be permanently removed from the platform.


6. If the freelancer does not respond within the specified service completion time, the transaction for that service will be automatically canceled in favor of the customer, and the freelancer will receive a negative rating for canceling the order.


7. After the freelancer marks the order as completed, the customer has 72 hours to review the work, accept it, or request revisions. If within 72 hours the customer does not make a decision regarding the completed work, the order will be automatically accepted, and the funds will be transferred to the freelancer.


8. After the customer confirms the completion of the work, they are given an additional 48 hours to ensure that the work has been done properly and does not require revisions. If the freelancer does not respond to requests for changes, the customer may contact support. If the administration finds discrepancies in the completed work with the service description and the order requires revisions, the administration will allow the customer to request changes.


9. The administration does not cancel orders based on the customer's personal preferences. Before making a purchase, the customer should review the freelancer's reviews and work samples. The customer is required to review the description of the service provided by the freelancer and provide all necessary information and materials for the service to be performed properly. The freelancer is not obligated to perform work that is not specified in the description of their service.