Green Bay area restaurants express frustration with online delivery services


GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – The Wisconsin Restaurant Association is accusing some food delivery websites of predatory practices for not getting permission from businesses to post their menus online.

Several Green Bay area restaurants said these services hurt rather than help their respective businesses.

White Dog Black Cat Cafe has seen an increase in foot traffic these past few weeks, especially on Sundays. But online delivery orders has made it a challenge to keep up.

“I believe it was Grubhub, they took an order from a customer for food that was not on our menu and then delivered them a box of scrambled eggs. And believe me, the customer was quite upset,” Tony Wiltgen, co-owner of White Dog Black Cat Cafe, said.

The restaurant is located along Broadway and partners with Eat Street for deliveries. Yet, companies like Uber Eats and Grubhub have advertised food deliveries for Green Bay restaurants without getting their permission.

“The experience has not been easy and it seems like we’re being largely ignored,” Wiltgen said.

The main issue for the restaurants Action 2 News spoke to is that once their menus are on the website for these delivery services, it’s a hassle to get the menu removed.

“We have orders that are a $100 and $200 sometimes, and all my employees are doing all the work for it, and they don’t even see the tip,” Tara Haney, co-owner of Highland Howie Pub and Grill, said.

Plae Bistro stated it wants control over any deliveries to ensure the quality of the food.

“We want control on how our product gets to our consumer and our customer, so just knowing where it’s going and making sure it’s warm,” General Manager Alli Hardy said.

According to the Wisconsin Restaurant Association, these services engage in predatory practices and need to be held accountable.

“The restaurant should be, pun intended, in the driver’s seat on how and even if their food is delivered,” Kristine Hillmer, president and chief executive officer of the Wisconsin Restaurant Association, said. “When a third party app puts it on there, it may be an old menu. They may not have the ingredients to make the product.”

The group isn’t against food delivery, yet Hillmer said there needs to be a relationship between the delivery company and restaurants.

“Predatory practices are not helpful at all and it’s very frustrating to all restaurant owners.”

We reached out to Grubhub and Uber Eats for comment. Grubhub stated it is committed to helping restaurants and removed Highland Howie from its website after our inquiry.

Uber Eats removed White Dog from its website after we contacted them and told us, “For restaurants that want to be removed, we’ve established a simple process to easily take them off the platform within 24 hours of their request.” Here’s a link to have your restaurant removed.

Both of their full statements can be found below.

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