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The man continued to harass the driver and refused to leave her vehicle after she rejected his advances, police said.

York City Police are looking for a man who allegedly sexually harassed a female Uber driver and continued to do so — including refusing to exit her vehicle — after she repeatedly denied his advances, according to an arrest warrant.

Police named the suspect as Theodore Dorsey Johnson, 20, of the 800 block of South George Street, York.

Johnson is charged with one count each of harassment – communication of lewd, threatening, etc. language and open lewdness.

The alleged harassment occurred in April; police secured an arrest warrant for Johnson on Thursday.

Arrest warrant provides details

About 12:03 a.m. on April 12, York City Police responded to the 900 block of South George Street for a harassment incident between an Uber driver and rider that occurred in the 800 block of South Court Street.

During the ride, Johnson began talking to the Uber driver about his penis and said that he was aroused “as soon as he saw the picture of her being his driver,” the warrant states.

Johnson then “asked the victim continually if she could do anything about it even though she continuously declined,” according to the warrant.

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He also repeatedly rubbed his crotch while on the ride and kept asking the driver to do something about his arousal.

All of these words and actions made the driver extremely uncomfortable, including when Johnson said, “You don’t even want to watch?” the warrant states.

During the ride, the driver told Johnson to leave her vehicle, but he would not. He eventually ran away when she parked her vehicle in the middle of an intersection and got out.

Ted Czech is a multi-platform crime/emergency journalist with The York Daily Record. He can be reached at, at 717-771-2033 or on Twitter at @TedCzechYDR

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